Discipleship Program

Rooted and built up in Him”

Discipleship Program

        Bible Baptist Church is pleased to offer this thirteen-lesson course intended to train new believers in the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. God has ordained in creation that seeds which are planted must then be watered. These seeds germinate and root themselves downward before growing upward. Obviously, before a person can become “built up” in Christ, they must be deeply “rooted” in sound doctrine. And, even before one can be “rooted” in Christ, they must receive the “good seed” of the Gospel in the soil of their soul (Matthew 13:24). It is our prayer that each of these lessons will be instructive and encouraging as you grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

        The following lessons are approximately 30-35 minutes in length, and are accompanied with a printable outline that is highly recommended to be used in connection with each audio file. Simply click on the desired lesson, print out the formatted outline, grab a pen and your Bible, and listen to the appropriate audio file. May the Holy Spirit guide you as you take this journey into personal discipleship.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Bible Baptist Church 


Who is God                                                                           What is Salvation                                                           What is Holiness

What is the Bible                                                                  What is Baptism                                                             What is Spiritual Growth

What is Sin                                                                            What is Church                                                               What is Witnessing

What is Faith                                                                         What is Prayer                                                                 What is Giving

                                                                                                What About the Future